To Spit to Shine, 2019

(Burning Palate, To Spit to Shine, Roll, Pull, Spoon)
Wool tuft, neoprene, metal, spray paint, cocoa butter, wax, water clear polyester resin, pearls
26x32x5cm, 81x83x23cm

To Spit to Shine is an installation that consists of three pieces, Fire Palate, Roll, pull, spoon and To Spit to Shine. Together, they allude to the feeling of having a wound, a cut or a scorch inside the mouth, the reflexive action of being able to feel and touch a wound with its own damaged flesh. These pieces also question the animacy of the scar in itself that is located inside the mouth, but it becomes a different entity than what the mouth is. Saliva is also part of this relational and reflexive alliance, commonly known for promoting the wound to heal. 

Installation at LONG LIVE THE NEW FLESH, The Biscuit Factory, Manyhands Bermondsey, London