Swans Stiff Sigh, 2022

(Half-naked Swan; Shy Swan; Huevo I; from the waist up; Nine-or-ten-year-old; Sketch n. 99; Sketch n. 100)


Swan’s Stiff Sigh is a constellation of sculptural works made of bathroom appliances and accessories: two bathroom taps, a door handle, a soap holder and a chrome hook. Used, everyday intimate garments in different white tones, a pair of cotton t-shirts that appear to be wet and a random selection of coins from an old travel bag. Epoxy resin is poured in layers to freeze in time a series of “ephemeral actions that occur in the toilette as a motif.” All the works respond to unusual but familiar domestic actions and gestures that become bodily in themselves, things the body could have done but is not really capable of doing. Wet clothes hang, rest, perch and show through different metallic structures as skeletons, portraying a sense of uselessness and heaviness of an uncertain, tired-but-sensual sigh.

Installation views at ‘Everything I do could be done differently’. Curated by ‘piloto pardo’, hosted by ‘Cecilia Brunson Projects’, London