Soft Shell Cochleas, 2021

(Soft Shell Cochlea N.1; Soft Shell Cochlea N.2; Soft Shell Cochlea N.3; Tympanic Blush)
Used clothes, epoxy resin, silicone rubber, window.

Soft Shell Cochleas and Tympanic Blush were conceived and shown together. The first is a series of used clothes and epoxy resin pieces that sit carelessly on the floor and the latter is a site-specific silicone painting on the gallery window. The garments turn into formless sweat fossils or wetted remains of an absent body as the throwaway gesture becomes fixed in the form in which they were left. The intimate action of taking off one’s clothes now becomes a political action that reconsiders the uncontrollability of the body and questions its structures. A ‘sloppy monument’ to the permeability of the body. Its title refers to the gloomy sensation of dampness in the process of hearing when any defined form or meaning is blocked. Uncontained and gloopy translations, yellowed by time or infection, act as a casual and almost natural rebellion against whiteness, cleanliness, and purity.

‘Reconfigured‘ group show at Timothy Taylor NY, curated by Rose Easton with works by Gabriella Boyd, Polly Brown, Matt Copson, Onyeka Igwe, Patrick H Jones, Olu Ogunnaike, George Rouy, Mike Silva and Jala Wahid.

Photography: Theo Christelis & Lance Brewer