Salmonella Superbugs, 2019

(Salmonella Superbugs, Bad Cypro, Soft Cheese)
Water clear polyester resin, release agent, 18k gold baby teeth, used t-shirt
120x80x35cm, 75x25x4cm

Salmonella Superbugs, Bad Cypro and Soft cheese, they all interact among each other as a series of characters in an apparent clinically introspective space. They allude to the immateriality of fear. In this case, the childhood fear of overindulging eggs and getting infected by an external invisible entity. A salmonella “superbug” is a very strong type of stomach bug that is known for being resistant to the antibiotic treatment that usually cures salmonella. Salmonella is known as a food poisoning disease that comes from ingesting contaminated poultry, beef or eggs. Ciprofloxacin Cipro , is the most effective antibiotic for curing Salmonellosis or Salmonella. It is said that the Salmonella “superbug”, came from soft cheese made with unpasteurized milk. Salmonella Superbugs acts as a stomach or a see-through container that alludes to an ongoing and now solid infectious digestion. Intimate and strong affects and memories are embodied in these personal objects that appear to be floating inside a fossil-like, time-capsule shape that will forever hold a frozen poisoning transformation.

Installation view at Interim Show, Goldsmiths Univesity, MFA Deptford Site

Photography: Sophie Percival