Real Hasta La Muerte, 2018

(Mapa 1:Full Harmony; Mapa 2: Real Hasta la Muerte, Cuerpo-isla (pista 1), fullharmony_mini, Really miss u 4 ever (tesoro-pista), Welcome to Real Hasta la Muerte’, Tesoro 2: Bebé, Beibi-tesoro)
Silk, neoprene, rubber, foam, pins, metal bars, hooks, paint, ceramic, glaze, drain tubes, foam, ostrich egg, lycra, printed silk

Real hasta la muerte is a site-specific installation that consists of a series of sculptures and pieces located in the the former British embassy in Madrid, the well-known brutalist jewel by architect Luis Blanco-Soler. Its rounded base functioned as a way to portray a never-ending process or a snake that eats its own tail. The works were scattered and hidden in the space, acting as clues of a never-ending treasure hunt. The sculptural pieces together with the almost performative action of the viewer questioned the boundaries of interior and exterior of the body and the frustrations around the understanding of this matter/affect.

Former British Embassy in Madrid, site-specific project for Archipiélago, an artist-run project hosted by Amalia Aranguren, Esther Merinero, Rodrigo Camino and Isabella Benshimol.

Photography: Santiago Mijangos