Qi Feels like Plum Pit, 2020

PETG plastic, tie dye clothes, silicone rubber, silicone pigment
190x27cm, 170x35cm

Plum Pit Qi is described as ‘the feeling of an obstruction in the throat (when there’s not an actual physical obstruction)’ in Chinese acupuncture. The Qi is the liver and is often associated with feelings of anxiety, stress and sadness. Plum Pit Qi is colloquially the unpleasant feeling of having a piece of boiled meat in the throat. The two translucent tube-container-like sculptures sitting on the floor aim to open up a conversation in regards to the relationship of the physicality of affects and sensations and how they are often unconsciously intertwined.

Installation view at Goldsmiths University, MFA Deptford site