Omphalomancies, 2019

(I protruding navel, II big and deep)
Old clothes, water clear polyester resin
49x38x8cm, 39x34x11cm

Its title, Omphalomancies surges from an antique method of divination meant to determine the future conceptions of new born babies, based on the shape and marks of their navel. Omphalomacies depict two types of navels, one big and deep and a protruding navel, acting both as windows into a seemingly collapsed bodily dichotomy (interior-exterior). This appears as the result of the domestic and intimate action of taking off one’s clothes and leaving them carelessly on the floor. Discarding used and apparently sweaty clothes on the floor becomes a political action that reconsiders the uncontrollability of the body and questions its structures. Seemingly, as layers and orders that are simultaneously within us and surrounded by us.

Installation views from: The one that’s always there, the one that came late, the one that never arrived, the one that wasn’t invited at SB34 the pool, Brussels