Beyond Perspiration, heat accumulation, five ingredients with Poria Decoction, 2020

(Pericardial Blush,Omphalomancy N.1, N.2, N.3, N.4, N.5, N.6, N.7, N.8, N.9, N.10, N.11, N.12 and Three fingers spreads below the wrists)
Window, silicone rubber, used clothes, epoxy resin, steel folding chair, two 18k gold chains

Beyond Perspiration, Heat Accumulation, five ingredients with Poria Decoction is a site-specific project shown at Goldsmiths MFA degree show 2020. It consisted of three different pieces interacting among each other as a series of props or characters in an apparent domestic and intimate space. The installation intends to rethink the structures, layers and order that hold the body and mind by blurring and melting its limits and constraints, acting like a matryoshka constructed out of different layers of opacity. The feeling of being inside the space but seeing it from the outside, as well as being outside and seeing it from the inside. The concept of space becomes dazed and condensed, as well as the notion of one’s body. A group of bodies, as a body in the space, or the space as a body.

Installation view at Goldsmiths MFA Degree Show 2020, Goldsmiths University, Ben Pimlott Building 5th floor

Photography: Theo Christelis